Fruitcakes for South Dakota

Purchase a fruitcake to help fund our South Dakota Missions!

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Fruitcakes for South Dakota

Purchase a fruitcake to help fund our South Dakota Missions!


 The season for fruitcakes is upon us!  We will be making and selling fruitcakes to benefit our South Dakota mission project.

 This year we are selling 1 pound packages of either 3 mini fruitcakes or 4 muffin fruitcakes for $10.00.  We are also selling 2 ½ pound fruitcakes for $22.00. 

 NOTE:  For the skeptics who say “I don’t like fruitcakes,” we urge you to try a sample at church on Sunday.  These fruitcakes are like none you’ve ever tasted.  They will make a great addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, and they make great gifts!!


South Dakota Mission

 In 2016, TCWC joined the ministry of Carl & Anna Nobles, pastors in South Dakota.  When the Nobles first accepted the pastorate in the McLaughlin Church of God on the Standing Rock Reservation, no one attended except for Pastor Carl, Anna, and their 3 children.  This was the norm for 9 months.  While shopping one day, God spoke to Carl to buy a set of pots.  Anna asked him why he was buying pots. 

Carl’s response: “To feed the people.” 

“What people?” 

Carl replied, “Those who will come.” 

Carl bought the pots and began cooking lunch every Sunday. Because of Carl’s obedience, people began attending church. For the past 13 years, Carl and Anna have fed lunch to all attendees every Sunday.

 A few years ago, Carl had a vision to build a green house as a source of food for this Sunday lunch ministry and also as a tool to teach the Natives to grow their own food.  2 ½ years ago, TCWC, along with other church mission groups, began the project of building this greenhouse.   As of now, the building is almost complete. The last phase is electrical hookup which involves buying electrical supplies and paying an electrician to wire the greenhouse.  This part of the project will cost approximately $4000.  We would like to help complete this project to bring God’s vision to Pastor Carl to fruition.   

 The McLaughlin Church of God is growing, and God is doing amazing things in the hearts of the people in the Standing Rock Reservation through the Nobles’ work.  You can be part of this project by ordering a fruitcake today and by praying for this ministry!

 To order a fruitcake, please fill out the form below!