Freedom Ministries

Freedom Ministry is a kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you become truly free in Christ. We define freedom as the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed you to be. Core lies, soul wounds, demonic oppression, and life patterns are all obstacles that can stand in the way of the life Jesus has made available to every believer. We’ll help you identify and remove those things that are currently hindering your growth, enter the abundance for which you were made, discover your identity in Christ, and learn how to be an influence in the lives of others. 

Freedom Basics classes (101, 102, 103, 104) serve as the entry point for freedom ministry at TCWC. These four exciting classes contain the essential principles of freedom and lay the groundwork for you to hear who God made you to be and empower you to live how He made you to live. Freedom Basics are the launch pad of your journey into true freedom! We offer personal Freedom Sessions to individuals as part of the Freedom process. A personal ministry session is available to help you connect with God’s presence and voice to experience continued inner healing.

We ask that you first complete the four Freedom Basics classes. After completing Freedom Basics, you may register for a Freedom Session below.

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