Ministry Teams

Our Sunday morning Ministry Teams allow us an opportunity to SERVE ALL of those who attend our Sunday Morning Worship Service.

As part of our mission at Tri-County Worship Center is Love God, Love People and Serve ALL.  We truly take this to heart and want to love and serve all those in our local communities and all over the world. 

We believe that a "servants heart" is one of the most important life skills that can impact a generation. It starts with us being willing to give our time to God to be used by him. 

"The greatest among you will be your servant.  For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted." Matt 23:11-12

Take a moment to look over the different options we have for you to get involved at TCWC, and then fill in the form below to get signed up. 

Greeters - This team is the face of the Church on Sunday Mornings. We need happy bubbly people that are not afraid to speak to people and welcome them with warm smile. If you encounter a first time guest you would make a warm hand off to guest services for them to receive their first-time gift and information. 

Guest Services - This team is responsible for handling any questions related to upcoming classes or events. It's a little more involved than greeting and may involve helping members and guest sign up for any upcoming activities, as well as taking funds for those designated activities. They will also be trained in handling first-time guest and showing them a little more about what TCWC is about. 

Ushers - This team is another face of the church and responsible for helping with parking and also helping members and guest find a seat or locating different areas of the facility. If you enjoy opening doors or waving in our members and guest in our parking lot, this is the serve team for you. 

Security Team - Protecting our facility, members and guest is of utmost importance to Tri-County Worship Center. This team will provide their services during the entire worship service, making sure we have no interruptions or security risk providing a safe place for all of TCWC to worship comfortably. 

World Changers Ministries - Kids ministry is booming at TCWC and we know that children are the future of the world and the future of the church. We need this special team to care and love on our little ones from Newborn to 5th Grade. 

Crave Student Ministries - Youth ministry is very important in many ways as students learn skills to be productive citizens, but also learning to bond with each other and be a support system to grow in Christ. We all remember being a youth and how important our friends and the influences they have on our lives.  Crave provides a positive environment to have fun, learn how to build relationships and grow deeper in our faith. This group needs your help to facilitate activities and mentor these impressionable minds. 

Worship Team - Worship is love expressed to our Savior and Father.  This team is one of the most important teams to having an amazing experience on Sunday Mornings.  The time and effort put into their craft allows our team to create an environment for true and whole-heart worship. This team needs your talent and passion for worship. 

Production Team (Lights, Screens, Etc.) - Production is a great way to serve if you like to be out of sight and out of mind.  This team handles running our sound, lights, screens, set-up and breakdown for special occasions during our Sunday Morning Service time. If you are proficient in technical skills, this might be a good fit for you. 

Benevolence Team - Tri-County Worship Center values each of our members and guest and we want to make sure that we are sensitive to the needs during a death in the family. This is never an easy task and needs a team that can be a shoulder or provide meals and comfort to our church family during this difficult time. 

Community Outreach Events - Oconee County is a mission field and we need a large team of volunteers to navigate it. There are small projects, community wide events, TCWC sponsored events, and many more opportunities that will allow you to serve our community. This is an important area that will allow us to be an influence to those around us and a great chance to serve and love on our local community. 



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