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Wayne and Phyllys Wozniak

Wayne and Phyllys first went to the mission field in the early 1980´s.  They have served in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Colombia, working with developing Bible colleges in all three countries.

In 1999 they moved to South America where they met the challenge of reopening Gamaliel Bible College. During their eight years of ministry in Peru, a total of 150 students graduated from the three-year program.  Thirty-five churches were planted by their graduates.

In August of 2007 they were appointed  to Colombia where they founded SEBIBE (Berea Bible College).  After 11 years there, they had 80 graduates and thirty-one churches had been planted by their graduates.

In 2018 Wayne and Phyllys were asked to return to Peru to reopen the Bible college there.  Presently they are serving as regional directors of SEBIGMAR in Peru and SEBIBE in Colombia.  Training pastors and church planters is their greatest joy.

2004 TCWC sent its first team to Peru which began it partnership with Wayne and Phylys along with the Bible School.  Over the past 15 years TCWC student ministry has served in the area of Peru and Columbia by performing short skits in various areas, sharing stories and testimonies at local schools and churces, and working at the Bible School completing various projects. Pastor Tracy has traveled yearly to preach and teach at the Bible Schools. 

Wayne and Phyllys also visit our Church once year teaching and updating us about the Bible School.  This partnership has been blessing for everyone, but more important building God's Kingdom!

We have been sponsoring Wayne and Phyllys as well as Bible School students over the past 17 years.  It cost only $300 to sponsor a Bible College Student that can change a country! 

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Partner with us in sponsoring Wayne and Phyllys with their ministry as they serve as Regional Directors for the Bible Colleges in Peru and Colombia: 

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Sponsor a Bible student from Peru or Colombia for $300. Payments can be made in full or monthly installments. 

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TCWC/ Peru/Columbia Bible Student
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